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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More updates

I'll be swiching to the hospital carepages for updates while Hunter is in for surgery. It will be a lot easier for me to use there and people can send messages like e-mail and post comments.
If I don't send you the information to reach his carepage e-mail me. It will also help protect our privacy more. A blog is great, but anyone can read it.

The kids are doing well. Weston is saying up. He is also dancing everytime he hears music which is really cute.

The other night during dinner Weston was screaming and Hunter turns to him and says "Wes use inside voice" :) I thought that was really cute. They are also gettin a little better at taking turns, sometimes, just a little.

Hunter got into the town preschool and will be having speech and OT therapy. He's not that far behind, but it will help him be prepared for kindergarden. I don't know when he will start, it depends on what the doctors say. Probably not this September, maybe October.

Hunter went to a class so the teachers could meet him and they could see how he did. He seemed to like it but was exhausted after only an hour and took a 3 hour nap when he got home. Hopefully he will have more energy after his operation.

We went to a petting zoo the other day. They both loved it. At first Hunter was shy, but after a while he was chasing the goats with his feed cup. Weston laughed whenever the animals would come near him. Davis Farmland in Sterling is great. I highly reccomend it for anyone in the New England area.

Weston's 15 month

Forgot to post on Weston's checkup

He weighed 24 1/2 pounds 5oth percentil and was 33 inches tall 90th percentile

Monday, July 10, 2006

Those lazy summer days

It's almost mid July already, where has the time gone? We've been busy enjoying summer. I love being home with the kids and I love living near the lake. We go just about every day as long as it isn't raining. Weston has no fear and could spend the entire day in the water floating in his little tube. Hunter is more cautious, but likes the water too. He likes to do things like fill up a bucket of water and dump it into the sand. Hunter is talking all the time now and likes to count to ten and say blastoff. He does that for everything. Weston is babbling all the time too, but no new words.

We tried camping, but it rained the entire weekend. We stayed in the tent one night, but decided to go home by lunchtime the next day.

Went to Maine again the weekend of the fourth. We left Saturday morning. It took us 6 hours to get there with the bumper to bumper trafic the entire way. Finally got there and beautiful weather. We went to the beach right away. Then C and I went to a movie to see Superman later that night. The next day we went to the beach again and then went home because C had to work on Monday.

On Tuesday we went to C's parents house and had a cookout. It was nice there. The kids got to see thier cousins again. They were all impressed with two big buckets Grandpa had filled up with water. It doesn't take much to entertain them :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cardiac Catherization

Hunter had his cardiac catherization on June 13th. It went as well as those things go. They had to balloon his aorta twice because he had some narrowing. They also put a coil in the VIMA to prevent unnecesary blood flow to the heart.

The day before, we had to bring him in for testing: EKG, chest x-ray, echo, blood work, etc. and to talk witht the doctors. It lasted all day. Huner started crying when the nurse put the hospital bracelet on. Actually he was okay considering. He calmed down after a bit. He was better than I though, but then again I brought A LOT of distractions.

The next day he was one of the first to go in the cath lab. He didn't want to take off his clothes and was crying at everything, but then the nurse gave him this medicine to calm him down (they give it to all the kids) and he was fine. He was probably as high as a kite, but at least he seemed happy. He had his Spongebob blankie and pillow and the nurse latter told me they sang the Spongebob theme song to him during the procedure. He was semi-conscious so no breathing tube. He was in there about 3 hours.

Then we sat with him in the recovery room. He woke up and the first thing he did was look at his IV and say "off". Luckily he was still heavily sedated and slept until about 6 that night. He was really cranky, but left the IV alone. He always wanted his shirt on and blankie over him. I guess they protected him from having anything done. He mostly just watched movies. I slept with him in the bed and C slept on the pull out chair although you are only supposed to have one parent in the room. The next day we could tell he was feeling better and he even went in the playroom and made a butterfly craft. We were discharged about noon. Before we could go the nurse had to take off the dressings. She ripped off the surgical tape on his chest and Hunter really got big cuts from that. We had to go in the procedure room for that. It wasn't much fun for any of us.

At home he was a little cranky and sore, but by the following day he was fine. I did have trouble changing his band aid. Everytime I got near them he would scream. He is still bruised up really bad. There were five wounds. One on the groin and four on his chest. They had to go in through a vein on his chest as well because of his heart's different anatomy.

So now we just wait until August. How quickly the hospital routine came back to us. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me feel sick. Also I really missed Weston. A lot. I feel so bad that we have to leave him for so long. I hope our stay won't be long, but you never know. We had a roomate while we were there. He had been in the hospital a week since his Fontan and still had his chest tubes in.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Updates

So all the updates from the past month.

Weston is walking really well and babbling more. He can color a picture, but mostly he still eats the crayons. He is getting 8 new teeth including his first molars. He has been very miserable and waking up more at night. He seems to like those icy pops, so I try to give him those to help. His hair is getting so long. He just got it cut 2 months ago and already is getting those little wings around his ears. I probably won't cut it again because he is so fair and won't wear a hat. Mabye all that hair will help. Weson loves to be outside ,and if the front door is open and he doesn't go out he cries. It has been raining lately and I can tell he wants out. His cars are still his favorite and building blocks. He also wants whatever Hunter has no matter what it is.

Hunter can write his name except he has trouble with the letter R. He knows how to put the letters in order from left to right and they are all pretty much on a straight line although not the same size. He is starting to "read" books back to me. Really he has memorized it, but he knows what to say on each page. He know his numbers 1 - 20, his upper and lower case alphabet, colors, and shapes. I've started working with him on letter sounds and some basic math. He is so smart. He loves to play games and puzzels. His new favorite thing outside is to swing on the big boy swing. He still loves Spongebob thanks to AJ's influence, but since we don't have cable anymore they have been watching a lot more PBS. He is also still my computer boy and loves his games.

Heart stuff

So this week we have just been sitting home. It has been miserable weather and I know the kids are getting cabin fever, but I don't want to expose them to any germs. Next week Hunter goes in for his heart catherization. We have an out patient day of testing and then the procedure and he stays overnight for observation. I'm getting to be a nervous wreck. Next week will tell us more of what to expect in August. I don't even want to think about it.

The Beach

Our next event was the beach on Memorial Day. The kids were again really good. My parents babysat them on Saturday night and C and I went out to eat. We both had Lobster. It was soooooooo good. We hadn't been out alone since March so it was nice to get away for a few hours. We were supposed to go to the movies on Sunday, but I knew the kids wouldn't sleep and my mother was tired so I felt too guilty. We ended up renting a movie which was fine.

The kids liked the beach. Hunter loved the sand, but was scared of the water although by Monday he would go in up to his ankels. It was freezing. AJ dove right in and his skin was red. Kids don't notice these things as much as adults. Weston loved the ocean and was sitting at the edge laughing as the waves came up.

We also went to Old Orchard and the kids liked the arcades. We just walked around and played some games.


Been way too buys lately. We went on our first real family vacation to Sesame Place. The kids were so good. It was nice going in off-season because there were no lines. Hunter was afraid of all the charactersand covered his eyes whenever he saw one. So no cute pictures with Hunter and Elmo, but we did get a nice one of me holding Weston with Bert and Ernie and another one with Grover. Hunter was also scared of all the rides and shows and parade. But... it is also a water park and they both loved that. It was a little cool, but they had there wetsuits and didn't seem to mind. Their favorite was a wave pool that came to about Hunter's knees in the deepest part. I liked the lazy river. There was also a bunch of fountains and little slides they liked. Overall it was a good time.

The Philadelphia Zoo was incredible, one of the best zoos I have been too. Hunter liked the birds. He especially liked feeding the birds nectar in the bird house. Weston seemed to enjoy looking at everything as well.

We stopped at Six Flags Safari on the way home and they weren't too impressed. I guess they had enough of being in the car. I was disapointed the monkeys aren't loose anymore. I know Hunter would have loved seeing a monkey slide down the windshield. C and I went about 4 years ago and they ripped a windshield wiper off my car. It was funny. C was upset though. He said enough of this #&$%#^ and hit the gas. I turned around to see monkeys flying off my car.

They both liked pool at the hotel especially Weston. He loves the water and has no fear. Hunter has always been more cautious, but once he got used to it he loved it.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Weston is really walking now. He is also starting to talk. His first word was ball. He also says hi, bubble, and ready set go. (eeeee ssssaaa ga).

Hunter is talking up a storm now too. It is so nice to hear him talk after all the worring. He is even making his toys talk to each other.

We have been very busy. We went to the zoo. Hunter seemed to like it, but I don't think Weston was too impressed. We went to the dino park, but that didn't go over too well because the boys were tired. We also have been doing a lot of play dates and stuff like that.

On nice days we walk to the beach so Hunter can throw rocks in the water. Weston would go right in, he has no fear and loves water.

Monday, April 10, 2006

First steps

Weston took his first steps, but the most he walked so far was three steps. He will do it more if he is excited about something. If he thinks too much he will get down and crawl. He loves to be outside and likes the sandbox although not as much as Hunter. He pushes his little car outside all over the yard. He'll sit on the ride on toys, but won't push them with his feet.

First Swingset

We got the boys thier first swingset. C spent all yesterday putting it together. It has two slides and two swings plus a rope ladder/climber a tunnel and a covered play area. Weston liked the baby swing. Hunter is still getting used to the real swing. It is a toddler sized seat very low to the ground, but it doesn't have a seatback and he is a little nervous using it. Hunter's little friend next door already came over and played with them. I also bought them a playhouse and Weston got a water play table for his birthday, but it is too cold for that still.

First Birthday

We had Weston's first birthday party at a really cute kids' place sort of like Chuck-E-Cheese, but much better. I think it went well and everyone had a good time. The kids were so cute. Weston loved the ball pit and could have stayed in it all day. He liked his cake and was so dainty it was funny. He just poked one finger at the frosting and kept licking it. Hunter was go go go the entire day without a nap. Finally on the way home they both fell asleep in the car. Weston got a lot of toys especially cars and trucks which he loves and lots of cute summer clothes which he needs. His party theme was Winnie the Pooh because his room is decorated in all Winnie the Pooh things.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

First Haircut

Weston had his first haircut on the 30th. C took him to his barber. I wanted to go, but Hunter was throwing a fit AGAIN, so I just put him down for a nap. C taped Weston's haircut for me though. Weston slept through the entire thing. It was really funny to see the tape. I didn't want him to get his hair cut, but people were begining to ask me if he was a girl. He looks so much older now.

Updates from the past couple of weeks

I haven't written in so long. We have been busy. It is hard to find time to myself especially at night. We have a night routine down and then I have to clean up from dinner and then I am exhasted. We have been very busy on the weekends as well. On March 11th we went to Boston Children's Museum with C's brother, his wife, and thier daughter. I think everyone had fun. Hunter loved the water, bubbles, balls, and the new wind pipes. Weston really liked the baby room and had a lot of fun crawling through the tunnel.

The next weekend we were supposed to go out for our anniversary We traveled up to C's parents after he got out of work and it was fairly late. Hunter was screaming and we couldn't calm him down. I think he was just so overtired. We had a busy week with playdates and stuff from the Moms club. I really couldn't leave him like that. He finally calmed down after an hour, but it was too late to go out then. At least we got to visit C's mom a little. My parents came over the next day and babysat and we went to Red Lobster because I was craving lobster. It was good. Not as good as the Inn, but good.

This weekend is Weston's birthday. We are having a party at a kiddie center. We just didn't want to have a lot of people here. I think the kids will like it. It looks like fun and no clean up !!!