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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hunter and Weston

Weston is crawling on all fours now, and pullling up on everything, and falling on everything. He is starting to take a few steps while holding on to furniture. He babbles a lot and says mama, dada, baba, and a lot of other stuff I can't make heads or tails out of. He screams a very high pitched scream when he is happy. He loves standing up on the train table and destroying the tracks we so carefully laid out. He really is so beautiful with these big blue eyes and happy smile. He reminds me of a cherub. He can put objects in things and take them out quite well and likes the dino ball thingy and the bug jug. He doesn't get to watch TV much, but seems to like Elmo and anything with puppets like Sesame Street. He loves music and books.

Hunter is so smart. He knows all his capital letters and is pointing them out in magazines, books, on TV, ect. He can count up to twelve. But this is the most amazing thing: he knows how to use the mouse, click, and drag objects. He can play a computer game all by himself. He is going to be our little techno boy (just like his Daddy) he likes all the gizmos and gadgets. Forgot to mention at his check-up he weighed 25 pounds and grew and inch. His waist is still tiny and his pants are forever falling down. He refuses to wear socks and lately has even been taking off his clothes going "nakey" around the house until I can catch him and put some clothes on him. He now screams at the mention of potty so I decided to hold off on that for awhile. Hunter is never one to please someone else anyway. How am I ever going to get that kid trained? Hunter's new thing is Spongebob movies and Clifford books. I really don't like Spongebob and hope the phase will pass soon.

What else have we been up to......................

Last Monday, before the wind storm, my mother and A came and we brought the kids to a children's museum here. They all seemed to have fun. Hunter was a little shy, but liked the toddler slide and the trains. A liked everyting although he is 5 and some of the stuff seemed a little young for him. Weston like looking at the mirrors.

Saturday was beautiful here and we went to a park. Hunter had a blast. C chased him around and I took Weston on the swings. Weston loved the swings and laughed and laughed. Hunter went down all the slides even the big ones. It was so nice to be outside in winter.