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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hunter's heart check-up

Hunter had his cardiology appointment Friday morning. It was okay. His oxygen was good and his heart function looked about the same although he thought his tricuspid valve was leaking a bit more. This is frightning to us because his valve was leaking so bad when he was two months old ,he had to have the Glenn (2nd surgery) early. Hopefully the Fontan (3rd surgery) will fix the leak although there is always the possiblility he will need a valve replacement. We do not want him to have that because it is an artificial valve and he will grow, the valve won't, requiring additional surgeries. But I won't get ahead of myself here. All we know for now is he is doing fine and we have to contact Boston Children's Hospital for an evaluation of when to have the third surgery. It may be sooner than later. Again I don't know yet.

His appointment was horrible anyway. I drove back from C's parents with the kids. C had left earlier for work. He met us there. Hunter didn't sleep for the car ride. He was overtired and fussy. The nurse tried to get an EKG and he started screaming and was inconsolable. He does not like the stickies they put on his chest and wanted his shirt back on. The doctor couldn't even listen with a stethascope. Finally we dressed him and took him for a walk int he stroller and then went back up for his appointment. The doctor got all his information including the echo under his shirt while he was sitting in the stroller. Hunter must have felt safer?? No EKG, but the echo is more important. We got home about 12:30pm from our 9:00am appointment.