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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wind storm

Last Wednesday we got a huge wind storm here and the neighbor's tree fell also taking out the telephone pole. We lost power, phone, and cable and all the wires were in our front yard. It happened when Hunter's speech therapist was here and she had to back out over the wires to get out. We went to C's parent's house to stay for two nights. The boys did a lot better than I thought. It was thier first night sleeping away from home (except for the hospital). They slept fine and were well behaved. We also saved all our food as they have an extra refridgerator and freezer. It just so happened I went grocery shopping on Monday and we had a ton of food. All is fine now. It was nice seeing C's parents and brother and wife and thier kids. We did end up having a good time although I hated packing everything in such a rush. C's mom is very creative and made this little house out of a big cardboard box and strung Christmas lights in it. Hunter, Weston, and thier older cousin love it. They are all so cute.