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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Captopril is a common medicine taken to reduce blood pressure.

We had Hunter's Captopril filled at a local pharmacy. Everything was fine la di da. Then all of a sudden the pharmacy switches hands and has a new name "Thatcher's", and new pharmacist.

I discover this when I go to pick up Hunter's captopril and it's not refridgerated. The pharmacist makes it over for me and says he didn't know it was supposed to be refridgerated. He left his notes in the bag and it says twice to refridgerate. Next month I call to have Hunter's captopril refilled and tell the lady answering the phone to remind him to refridgerate it. She says "I'm sure he knows that" with a high and mighty attitude. Next month C goes to pick up Hunter's captopril and it's not refrigerated, so they have to make it again. We are now thinking they screwed up twice, what if they really screw up on something serious? Also the price keeps changing. First it's ten dollars, then it's two , then it's eight. I questioned the pharmacist the first time and he said it's inexpensive to make. I just don't trust things when they keep changing.

The problem is the captopril Hunter takes is a compound. The pharmacist crushes up the correct number of adult pills and mixes it with distilled water. The big local pharmacies like CVS and Brooks don't do compounds. They aren't money makers and take too much time. So I had to call the cardiologist nurse to find a place that makes it and then call the insurance company to make sure the new pharmacy is a provider in network. Finally the new pharmacy is approved.

It is actually a place that specializes in compounds and they mix the powder directly and don't crush pills so his medicine is more accurate. A good advantage for Hunter is they can add any flavor you want. I requested grape and the first time Hunter tried his new medicine he said "umm juice". We are really happy with the new place except the price has more than doubled to 35 dollars. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it added up to over 250 dollars a year extra. I just don't understand why the same thing costs more. I'm not complaining though. We had to pay 100 dollars a month for his snyrgis. (RSV protection)I'm glad he's not taking that anymore.