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Monday, February 06, 2006

Rock a bye baby

Weston is finally asleep. That child fights sleep all the time. I know I should just let him cry it out. C wants me to do that. I just can't stand it. My father told me he used to lie under my crib while I cried at night so I wouldn't see him, but he could make sure I was safe. My cousin said she waited outside the door and one of her kids cried so hard she threw up. I just can't do it. So C was supposed to put Weston to sleep when I was writing my last blog and then he came downstairs and said he couldn't get him to sleep and he was going to bed. I went upstairs and rocked Weston until ten. Hopefully he is down for the night. I get up between 5 - 10 times between the two of them. Hunter slept in our bed until he was 18 months old and finally got his own big boy bed. Then I slept with him in his big boy bed until he fell he goes to bed on his own. I think that is pretty good, so I figure in another year I can probably sleep through the night most nights. Ugh.