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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today's notes

Weston is clapping now and does it all the timen when he is happy. He is also really starting to cruise on the furniture. I think he will be walking by a year. Weston is going through a seperation anxiety phase and cries whenever I leave the room, or he is constantly hanging onto my leg. He follows Hunter too and gets into whatever Hunter is doing. Most of the time, they are so cute together. Today Hunter was "racing" across the kitchen and everytime he passed Weston, he would stop and give him a hug.

Hunter was crawling on the kitchen floor the other day and fell face first giving himself a bloody lip. The poor kid is all bruised up. He doesn't have any fat and bruises real easy. He fell in the parking lot on Monday and skinned his knee.

Today I brought them by myself to a kids museum. They both had a good time and were well behaved. Hunter loved the slide. Since it was a weekday not too many kids were there and Weston even got to crawl around a bit. They both went to be fairly early tonight. Weston was up to midnight the other night and they really haven't been sleeping well.

I'm so looking forward to warm weather.