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Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend news

C had Friday off so we decided to have a family day and went to the aquarium. Hunter liked the tidal pool where you could touch some of the creatures. He put his hands in the water and touched crabs, hermit crabs, a starfish, a sea urchin, and a clam. He also liked watching the trainers feed the Beluga Whales. He laughed every time the whales made this funny high pitched sound. Most of the time Hunter liked running around. It was really a lousy rainy day, but at least it was warm for this time of year. Some of the exibits were outside and we all got a little wet. Weston didn't seem to mind the rain and he liked looking at the fish.

On Saturday we went to C's parents' house so C could install thier new computer. The boys were good and played in thier little cardboard "house" again. They also added another "house" and I joked that next time we come they will have an entire shanty town set up.

And yesterday hooray I got to go out and finally get my hair cut (and shop). I was a little late coming home and I don't think C was too happy that this year during the superbowl he was stuck at home watching the kids by himself. I really wasn't that late so he did get to watch most all of it in peace:)