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Friday, March 10, 2006

Updates and so on

I haven't written in so long becuase our computer broke and it took about 2 weeks to get it fixed and then I was just too busy. First note: If your computer ever doesn't even start up at all replace the power source. At least we didn't lose anything.

Update on the kids

Weston is pointing at everything and still cruising around. He loves pushing cars. He is so cute and just is happy as ever EXCEPT when it comes to changing his clothes or diaper. Then it is a big struggle. His hair is getting long and curly so we have his first haircut scheduled for this coming week. He looks so cute with the curls, but they are getting sticky when he eats and I think they are bothering his ears. He says mama and dada now and is babbling a lot

Hunter was sick last week and hasn't eaten real well since. It is always so difficult when it comes to getting him to eat. I'm so glad he likes pediasure. He is getting too good at the computer I have to drag him away. He is also talking more and more and I can understand him most of the time.

I brought them to the library program today. Hunter threw himself on the floor and cried for the entire hour. Weston liked the singing and was fine. Then we went to Weston's baby playgroup, came home and had lunch, and went for a walk with our neighbors. I am so tired. I felt so bad for Hunter crying, but he has to learn to follow group directions and that he can't always do what he wants. His catherization is scheduled for June, but we are still waiting on a surgery date. I fell like our summer is on hold until we get that date.

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