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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cardiac Catherization

Hunter had his cardiac catherization on June 13th. It went as well as those things go. They had to balloon his aorta twice because he had some narrowing. They also put a coil in the VIMA to prevent unnecesary blood flow to the heart.

The day before, we had to bring him in for testing: EKG, chest x-ray, echo, blood work, etc. and to talk witht the doctors. It lasted all day. Huner started crying when the nurse put the hospital bracelet on. Actually he was okay considering. He calmed down after a bit. He was better than I though, but then again I brought A LOT of distractions.

The next day he was one of the first to go in the cath lab. He didn't want to take off his clothes and was crying at everything, but then the nurse gave him this medicine to calm him down (they give it to all the kids) and he was fine. He was probably as high as a kite, but at least he seemed happy. He had his Spongebob blankie and pillow and the nurse latter told me they sang the Spongebob theme song to him during the procedure. He was semi-conscious so no breathing tube. He was in there about 3 hours.

Then we sat with him in the recovery room. He woke up and the first thing he did was look at his IV and say "off". Luckily he was still heavily sedated and slept until about 6 that night. He was really cranky, but left the IV alone. He always wanted his shirt on and blankie over him. I guess they protected him from having anything done. He mostly just watched movies. I slept with him in the bed and C slept on the pull out chair although you are only supposed to have one parent in the room. The next day we could tell he was feeling better and he even went in the playroom and made a butterfly craft. We were discharged about noon. Before we could go the nurse had to take off the dressings. She ripped off the surgical tape on his chest and Hunter really got big cuts from that. We had to go in the procedure room for that. It wasn't much fun for any of us.

At home he was a little cranky and sore, but by the following day he was fine. I did have trouble changing his band aid. Everytime I got near them he would scream. He is still bruised up really bad. There were five wounds. One on the groin and four on his chest. They had to go in through a vein on his chest as well because of his heart's different anatomy.

So now we just wait until August. How quickly the hospital routine came back to us. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me feel sick. Also I really missed Weston. A lot. I feel so bad that we have to leave him for so long. I hope our stay won't be long, but you never know. We had a roomate while we were there. He had been in the hospital a week since his Fontan and still had his chest tubes in.