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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Updates

So all the updates from the past month.

Weston is walking really well and babbling more. He can color a picture, but mostly he still eats the crayons. He is getting 8 new teeth including his first molars. He has been very miserable and waking up more at night. He seems to like those icy pops, so I try to give him those to help. His hair is getting so long. He just got it cut 2 months ago and already is getting those little wings around his ears. I probably won't cut it again because he is so fair and won't wear a hat. Mabye all that hair will help. Weson loves to be outside ,and if the front door is open and he doesn't go out he cries. It has been raining lately and I can tell he wants out. His cars are still his favorite and building blocks. He also wants whatever Hunter has no matter what it is.

Hunter can write his name except he has trouble with the letter R. He knows how to put the letters in order from left to right and they are all pretty much on a straight line although not the same size. He is starting to "read" books back to me. Really he has memorized it, but he knows what to say on each page. He know his numbers 1 - 20, his upper and lower case alphabet, colors, and shapes. I've started working with him on letter sounds and some basic math. He is so smart. He loves to play games and puzzels. His new favorite thing outside is to swing on the big boy swing. He still loves Spongebob thanks to AJ's influence, but since we don't have cable anymore they have been watching a lot more PBS. He is also still my computer boy and loves his games.