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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Been way too buys lately. We went on our first real family vacation to Sesame Place. The kids were so good. It was nice going in off-season because there were no lines. Hunter was afraid of all the charactersand covered his eyes whenever he saw one. So no cute pictures with Hunter and Elmo, but we did get a nice one of me holding Weston with Bert and Ernie and another one with Grover. Hunter was also scared of all the rides and shows and parade. But... it is also a water park and they both loved that. It was a little cool, but they had there wetsuits and didn't seem to mind. Their favorite was a wave pool that came to about Hunter's knees in the deepest part. I liked the lazy river. There was also a bunch of fountains and little slides they liked. Overall it was a good time.

The Philadelphia Zoo was incredible, one of the best zoos I have been too. Hunter liked the birds. He especially liked feeding the birds nectar in the bird house. Weston seemed to enjoy looking at everything as well.

We stopped at Six Flags Safari on the way home and they weren't too impressed. I guess they had enough of being in the car. I was disapointed the monkeys aren't loose anymore. I know Hunter would have loved seeing a monkey slide down the windshield. C and I went about 4 years ago and they ripped a windshield wiper off my car. It was funny. C was upset though. He said enough of this #&$%#^ and hit the gas. I turned around to see monkeys flying off my car.

They both liked pool at the hotel especially Weston. He loves the water and has no fear. Hunter has always been more cautious, but once he got used to it he loved it.