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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More updates

I'll be swiching to the hospital carepages for updates while Hunter is in for surgery. It will be a lot easier for me to use there and people can send messages like e-mail and post comments.
If I don't send you the information to reach his carepage e-mail me. It will also help protect our privacy more. A blog is great, but anyone can read it.

The kids are doing well. Weston is saying up. He is also dancing everytime he hears music which is really cute.

The other night during dinner Weston was screaming and Hunter turns to him and says "Wes use inside voice" :) I thought that was really cute. They are also gettin a little better at taking turns, sometimes, just a little.

Hunter got into the town preschool and will be having speech and OT therapy. He's not that far behind, but it will help him be prepared for kindergarden. I don't know when he will start, it depends on what the doctors say. Probably not this September, maybe October.

Hunter went to a class so the teachers could meet him and they could see how he did. He seemed to like it but was exhausted after only an hour and took a 3 hour nap when he got home. Hopefully he will have more energy after his operation.

We went to a petting zoo the other day. They both loved it. At first Hunter was shy, but after a while he was chasing the goats with his feed cup. Weston laughed whenever the animals would come near him. Davis Farmland in Sterling is great. I highly reccomend it for anyone in the New England area.